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How do you use Makatussin Cough Drops?

Unless otherwise prescribed by the doctor:

Adults and adolescents over 12 years: 3 – 4 x daily 15 – 20 drops (up to a maximum of 30 drops at a time)

The time interval between two doses should not be less than 4 hours.

The drops are best taken undiluted with a spoon, but they can also be taken with a little water or tea. Makatussin cough drops can be taken regardless of meals. bottle or Hold the dropper tube upright when counting the drops. Squeeze the dropper gently.

1 g drop solution corresponds to approx. 20 drops.

The excretion of codeine is slowed down in patients with severely impaired kidney function, with liver diseases or with a hereditary change in the metabolism taking place in the liver, so that the time interval between two intakes must be extended. Your doctor will decide how to proceed.

If, after 5-7 days of treatment, the cough has not disappeared or has decreased significantly or even worsened, you should under no circumstances increase your intake of Makatussin Cough Drops, but consult a doctor to clarify the cause of the cough and initiate special treatment if necessary.

Follow the dosage given in the package leaflet or as prescribed by your doctor. If you think the medicine is too weak or too strong, talk to your doctor or pharmacist.


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